LAB#03 Mentes Sintéticas

From June 14th until February 2024, LAB#03 'Synthetic Minds' offers a journey into the core ontology of intelligence itself, intertwined with the planetary potential nestled within its reconceptualization."


White Paper LAB#03.

Distributed cognition, cybernetics, non-human intelligences,  AGI, complex systems, alien semiotics... these are just some topics at the core of 'Synthetic Minds', the third speculative research and production laboratory developed by Medialab Matadero. LAB#03 Synthetic Minds consist of a eight-month interdisciplinary program where citizens from all over the world can join a diverse group of artists, critical thinkers, and experts from various fields to explore the role that the deliberate composition of intelligent systems will play in shaping our collective future.

In a time defined by the revolution in machine learning, data mining, machine vision, and so called artificial intelligence technologies, our enquiry must go beyond the purely technological, to the very essence of the concept of 'intelligence': how does intelligence materialize in non-human or even non-biological forms, and how do these forms challenge our perception of the world and our own agency within it?

The programme encompasses a wide array of different activities, including workshops, seminars, public events and a prototyping lab for the development of experimental projects selected through an international open call.  All these activities revolve around three distinct research agendas elaborated with the LAB#03 mentors; Bani Brusadin, Bogna Konior and Ed Keller, each delving into different facets related to Synthetic Minds. "Infrascapes of Cognition" examines the intricate infrastructure and societal dynamics producing and produced by synthetic cognition; “Co-evolutionary Emergence" explores the intertwined evolution of cognition and technology, challenging traditional notions of distinct minds; and "Promethean Transformations” investigates the widespread emergence of synthetic intelligence across multiple disciplines and its profound impact on human life and the future of Earth.