Synthetic Minds Podcast

synthetic minds podcast

Podcast investigating new cognitive landscapes and reframing the concept of "mind".

This podcast series, hosted by researcher and curator Bani Brusadin, aims to explore the realm of contemporary computation, delving into the idea that large-scale computation not only responds to intelligence but also shapes it in new and profound ways.

At the core of this series lies an intriguing notion: a clash of intelligences is locked in the aesthetic and political processes that become visible through synthetic imagery and LLMs (Large Language Models) and that are actually expanding and permeate the very fabric of our existence, from sprawling energy networks to the theater of war, from the intricacies of logistics and labor management to people’s imaginations about the future.

A new landscape of cognition emerges where the very notion of mind becomes intertwined with the functioning of systems, including those who provide us with imaginations, dreams and nightmares, both present and forthcoming. In this scenario power dynamics are enigmatic and intertwined, and automated decisions often veil individuals from the consequences of their actions. However, instead of dismissing it due to its problematic nature, we should rather look at it as a powerful cultural engine that demands thoughtful experiments and curiosity.

In a series of 5 episodes, the Synthetic Minds podcast embarks on a journey with contemporary artists and researchers who have devised unusual methodologies in order to navigate this emerging landscape. Their stories, thoughts, and research will help unearth ambiguities and reveal new strategies to reimagine and redesign a planetary society for the 21st century.

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