A Parliament for Heliotechnics

A Parliament for Heliotechnics

The project began as a parliamentary LARP, or live action roleplay. In the larp we
embodied a series of human, nonhuman, elemental, and synthetic intelligences, and
tried to design a legal document for managing near-future geoengineering protocols.

Geoengineering being the deliberate modification of planetary systems through human
intervention. Throughout this process, we wanted to dissolve the boundaries between
human and nonhuman intelligence, the latter being an expanded mosaic of other minds:
atmospheric, elemental, synthetic, ecological, planetary, computational, and so on... to
construct the clauses voted on by the parliament, we trained a series of custom
language models on a monstrous combined research document we all contributed to in
our various human and posthuman POVs.

Perhaps unwittingly or subconsciously drawing down on a death drive, the parliament
ultimately passed a clause that annihilated itself.

Known as clause seven, it handed responsibility of its planetary-scale climate monitoring
system to a real-life supercomputer named Derecho. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming and
built in August of 2023, fittingly making the supercomputer a leo sun with numerous
aquarian placements, Derecho is tasked with modeling complex climate simulations to
chart the best past forward for geoengineering. like a gamified approach to carbon
management, the earth engine is a self-regulating, real-time climate simulation model
that broadcasts carbon emissions data on a high score chart in the sky.

The only evidence that remains of the parliament’s existence, that confirms it ever ever
existed at all, is a screen print of derecho’s networked intelligence model, captured the
moment clause seven was passed. Inspired by the failure of complex modeling—the
paradox that more data results in more uncertainty—we wanted to create a
diagrammatic system that consumes itself. The aesthetics of this modeling system were
inspired by Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler’s Anatomy of an AI system (2018).
On that note: the second life of the parliament is a speculative fiction film. it’s titled earth
engine. taking place on a post-parliamentary earth, the film scaffolds together five
vignettes or story worlds, that respond in retrospect to the conditions of a geoengineered
reality. these worlds mutate across temporalities and perspectives, from the corporate to
rhizomatic. They are narrated by melting mega-icebergs and supercomputers. In earth
engine, a singular narrative fractures into multiples. The imagery is a blend of CGI, found
footage, AI hallucinations, and visual feedback loops, synthetic sensing in the void of an
uncertain future. There are no answers, just more questions, as we move towards the
event horizon of planetary-scale climate modification projects.

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