LAB#02 "The Metabolic Sublime"

Lab 2 El sublime metabólico

LAB#02 'The Metabolic Sublime' is the second in a series of interdisciplinary laboratories for research and collaborative production that Medialab Matadero will deploy throughout 2022 and 2023 to materialize and operationalize collective intelligences.

LAB#02 has a six-month program that will run from September to February in different spaces of Matadero Madrid, and will offer a collaborative prototyping workshop, conferences, courses, seminars, artistic projects and a large OpenLAB event where the activities carried out during the six months of the program will be made visible.

Energy sovereignty, agrologistic automation, phantom extractivism, territorial instrumentalization, residual circularity, decarbonization, geoengineering... LAB#02 addresses the theme of 'The metabolic sublime', which proposes to reimagine the current energy regimes on a planetary scale and the role that human beings would have to play in order to implement new paradigms. But also, how their implementation will transform us back, demanding new customs, practices and cultures.

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