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Medialab Matadero presents The Metabolic Archives. A growing and open compendium of operational resources, including events, technologies, institutions, maps, conceptual models and critical questions that aims to question the metabolic regime we have in order to ask ourselves about the metabolic regime we need.

The Metabolic Archives is an exhibition event "in the making" by the Medialab Research Unit. A living research on energy and ecosystem governance directed by Tomás Clavijo (Raft) in collaboration with Medialab Matadero as part of the LAB#02 programme The Metabolic Sublime.

The archives have a double expositive dimension: on the one hand, they can be visited in the El Terrario space at Matadero Madrid from 11 November, where they will be on display until the end of LAB#02 in mid-February 2023. At the same time, they will also be available on the LAB#02 The Metabolic Sublime website.


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