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Medialab Matadero is calling for collaborators to participate in the LAB#02 collaborative prototyping laboratory as part of the interdisciplinary groups that will develop eight projects related to the theme of The Metabolic Sublime. The workshop, which will be coordinated by Marina Otero, Liam Young and Joana Moll, will take place in person at Matadero Madrid between 25 January and 7 February 2023. 

The call, whose deadline for registration is 27 November 2022, is aimed at individuals of legal age from Spain and abroad, of any level of qualification and from various disciplines such as design, art, architecture, urban planning, economics, film, photography, journalism, digital media, environmental sciences, philosophy, engineering, social studies, political science, programming, materials science, activism or any other field. 

Webinar of the mentors' presentations

Selected projects

A maximum of 40 collaborators will be selected, 4/5 for each of the 8 selected projects. The selection of partners for each project will be made on the basis of the partners' profiles in relation to the specific needs of each proposal. Partners may apply for as many projects as they want, but if selected, they will only be assigned to one project. 

  • Fruit Atlas, Alfonse Chiu
    As a critical element to the formation of the imaginaries which were key to colonial engagements in/with/through the tropics, fruits are not just delicious foods but potent symbols of global logistics in late capitalism. Mapping cosmologies and communities from across the globe, FRUIT ATLAS is an invitation to consider that planetary politics may well begin with the mouth.
  • Learning from GIS, Marine Lemarié y Nicolas Stephan
    The friction between space and power has a significant impact on our world. We propose to generate real-time maps based on publicly available remote sensing data that can help to first, understand existing conditions and second, speculate on possible policy modifications which are more favorable to the environment. 
  • Transmutational food, Helena Ortin & Wladimir Pulupa
    Our workshop proposal is focused on exploring new ways to conceive food supply based on self-sufficiency and circular models for the optimization of nutrients.
  • All footprints the footprint. Energetic Aesthetics, Elena Lavellés
    The project will explore the intersection between social strata and geological layers, analyzing the history of energy and the present of energy transition projects in order to act in a more sustainable way.
  • The Empirical Re-Aesthetics, Josep Maria Gatnau
    The project proposes the return to a primordial Aesthetics in accordance with the original meaning of «aesthesis» in Greek. Giving the chance to rethink the question of the thermal sensation, either because of the inevitable global warming (in the longer term), or because of the eventual energy crisis in Europe.
  • Pain in the West: Access Rider for a landscape, María Morata Marco y Lorenzo Galgó
    How to live with and accompany sick, violated, tamed, exhausted landscapes? We will explore the possibilities and overflows of the "access rider" (a mediating document between people with disabilities / chronic health conditions and institutions) as a tool to approach the needs of thinking a landscape from our sick bodies. 
  • All our best machines are made of sunshine, Max Dovey
    The project navigates various land based cultural practices that proliferate myths and folklore around stones, mining and mineral extraction to transcend material driven resource economics and propose alternative ontological relations between humans, earth & technology in the ‘clean’ energy transition.
  • Sun as a new currency, Yujin Joung
    Starting in 2023, the global energy crisis leads to households becoming solely responsible for their own energy production and consumption. Solar power became the most popular form of sustainable energy and the global economy flipped, with developing countries in the global south becoming rich.

You can find more information about the projects in this link.

How the laboratory works

During the laboratory, ideas will be tested and collaborative projects will be developed working in interdisciplinary groups formed by several collaborators and coordinated by the project promoter. The groups will have the support and advice of mentors and experts invited by Medialab and will have a workspace for the development of each project.

Throughout the laboratory, work will be carried out with free and open software, as the projects will be based on open standards. The results will be available under Creative Commons licenses that invite reappropriation, reuse and distribution. In addition, the resulting prototypes will be presented publicly in the framework of the OpenLab event that will take place on 10 and 11 February 2023 at Matadero Madrid. 

The workshop will be held in English and Spanish without formal translation.

Thematic The Metabolic Sublime 

Energy sovereignty, agrologistic automation, phantom extractivism, territorial instrumentalisation, residual circularity, decarbonisation, geoengineering... LAB#02 tackles the theme of 'The Metabolic Sublime', which proposes to reimagine the current energy regimes on a planetary scale and the role that human beings should play in setting up new paradigms. But also, how their implementation will transform us back, demanding new customs, practices and cultures.

For more information, be sure to read the complete Term and Conditions document of the call and visit the LAB#02 The Metabolic Sublime website.

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Type of call
Reception of proposals
Until 27th November at 11:59pm CET
A maximum number of
40 proposals