Cooking Earth publication launched

Cooking Earth Book (c) Andrea Provenzano
Cooking Earth Book (c) Andrea Provenzano

We are pleased to share "Cooking Earth", a book that emerges from the homonymous workshop organized by Black Almanac and Medialab Matadero in October 2023, as part of the programming of LAB#02 The Metabolic Sublime.

"Cooking Earth" is a handbook of concepts, case studies and observations developed by the food research and design platform Black Almanac. Through 22 chapters, the book rejects pastoral nostalgia, technophobia and culinary conservatism, advocating for an equitable and ecological food future grounded in artificiality, alienation and desire.

The result of research developed by its authors in collaboration with experts in diverse disciplines - such as chefs, designers, artists, artists, engineers, philosophers, physicists and chemists - En libro delves into the complexities and controversies surrounding food, challenging our perceptions of what we eat and where it comes from, and proposing sometimes counter-intuitive and provocative approaches.

"Cooking Earth" is available for free in its digital version, allowing interested parties to learn about the future of food and how to address the ecological and cultural challenges that accompany it. In addition, a limited hardcover edition is offered for those who wish to own a physical copy, which can be purchased through its website.

We invite you to explore this exciting journey towards a more promising and sustainable food future, and to reflect on how we can contribute to a new paradigm in food and its impact on our planet.

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