26 Punto de Encuentro Festival: “On Vocal Agency”

The “Punto de Encuentro” Festival has been organized by the AMEE since 1990. This edition presents a series of workshops, talks and performances, in continuity with the “En Red” 10th Symposium held in 2018 in Medialab-Prado, focused on the subject of voice in poetry, cinema and experimental music.

The development of voice as an artistic research field brings up questions regarding the notion of ‘vocal agency’: a certain politics of voice, vocality and intervocality. This includes discussing and reflecting upon ways of speaking and how different uses and conceptions of voice favor certain

Artistic research from sound and musical practice

Workshop proposal: Artistic research from sound and musical practice by Enrique Tomás and members of the 'Ensemble Container'. Curator, Alberto Bernal

Artistic research -artistic research- is one of the most active fields of current thought and creation. The investigation arises through a question about the world that surrounds us. The search for answers can motivate research processes in varied areas of knowledge. For example in philosophy, poetry, biology, art, physics or music. Research in general, regardless of motivation and methods, is part of that search for knowledge. The only

Automáticas'18: Recycling ideas, traditions and tools for a sandbox on experimental music.

It has been 10 years since the first AVLab 1.0 prototyping workshop at Medialab Prado and many things have happened in the field of audiovisual creation with technology. There are new tools and new interests, as well as a variety of media from which sound and audiovisual artists can express themselves and develop their creative work. Some examples of this are net art, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, cryptocurrencies, social networks or streaming platforms that have modified not only the way we communicate, but also the way of perceiving our environment, having fun or to


This meeting will serve to bring together the artists in residence, Xoan-Xil López and Horacio González, as a closing of the festival, the collaborations and the result of the Experimental Lutheria Workshop.


MADATAC X, under the motto "Post Digital Star" brings to Medialab Prado artists Albert Merino and "Saint Machine", who will show their latest works and discuss their creative processes, common problems and current developments.

AVLab Meeting February 2018. VANG#5. DISOBEDIENCES IN SOUND

Panel and Performance

Disobediences in sound is a musical exploration of the convergence between sound, noise and resistance. Noise as a sound image that denies a pre-established (musical? social?) order, thus exposing other (utopic?) places for an aesthetic experience. Disobedience as a radical position, as dissidence, as the maximum consequence of a (sound?) resistance, and also as a search in the aesthetic field of that utopia that is denied to us from the social sphere.

Initiated by Duo Hellqvist / Amaral (violin and piano) with the composer and sound artist Alberto Bernal, the project

AVLab Meeting, March 2018. IN-SONORA 10: Sonic and interactive art festival, 10th edition.

This AVLab meeting will begin with the presentation of the work of the resident Gabi Schaffner, whose residence within IN-SONORA 10 seeks to put a different perspective on the role that nature and a lifestyle closer to nature play in the cities through gardens and urban gardens. Her work as a sound artist uses the radio as a creative vehicle to communicate this look to nature.

Her work will be developed in collaboration with local artists and those people interested in the subject who have shown interest to work with through an open call to participate in her work during her residency.


Collision I


Osvaldo Cibils
osvaldo cibils en el arte de las perillas (the art of knobs)”

“Noisy soundart with electronic gadgets and the body exaggerated with things.”

Osvaldo Cibils nace en Montevideo (Uruguay) vive en Trento, Italia y Barcelona. Sus obras de arte están orientadas a la realización y producción de dibujos en papel de formato A4 y digitalización, al sonido ruidoso con dispositivos y software electrónicos, videoperformances y el desarrollo de varios proyectos con un fuerte carácter experimental.

Collision II


Actually Laughing Out Loud

Actually Laughing Out Loud es un proyecto de Rubén Patiño que explora las cualidades formales y funcionales del sonido de la risa. Se centra en el estudio de la risa grabada como material sonoro para la composición a la vez que como instrumento para el condicionamiento psicológico. Ya sea como instalación o concierto multicanal su intención es la de sumergir a la audiencia dentro de una experiencia inmersiva de luz y sonido. Se trata de un formato de presentación a medio camino entre concierto multicanal y la