Artistic research from sound and musical practice

Desde las 16:00 hasta 20:00 el 27/04/2019
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Workshop proposal: Artistic research from sound and musical practice by Enrique Tomás and members of the 'Ensemble Container'. Curator, Alberto Bernal

Artistic research -artistic research- is one of the most active fields of current thought and creation. The investigation arises through a question about the world that surrounds us. The search for answers can motivate research processes in varied areas of knowledge. For example in philosophy, poetry, biology, art, physics or music. Research in general, regardless of motivation and methods, is part of that search for knowledge. The only difference between these disciplines lies in the research method used to acquire knowledge and the way to understand and perceive the results of research. In the case of artistic research, the methodology is the artistic practice itself.

In this small workshop we propose an open format in which to practice and reflect on artistic research. In particular, we will emphasize the field of music and the sound arts. Music research, like art in general, can be considered from different points of view: the performative, the construction of representations, perception, imagination, and so on. Our intention in this workshop is to present and propose simple practical activities (artistic provocations) to understand how to extend our artistic practice towards research.

The workshop lasts four hours. First, some key concepts of artistic research will be briefly discussed and then some artistic questions will be posed that will be resolved through artistic practice. We will practice methods and performative approaches to try to find answers to these questions. In the end, we will evaluate the results and reflect on our practice.

The requirements to take part in the workshop are to have some experience in the field of artistic research or to be an active artist. On the other hand, since the workshop is based on sound and music, experience in these areas will be valued. To participate in this workshop, each person must bring one or several sound artifacts (instruments, machines, objects, etc.) that are related to their artistic practice.

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Alberto Bernal
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16:00 - 20:00
The activity is over
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