AVLab Meeting, March 2018. IN-SONORA 10: Sonic and interactive art festival, 10th edition.

Desde las 18:00 hasta 21:00 el 24/03/2018
Carlos Garate - SUB

As closing ceremony of IN-SONORA 10 festival, at Medialab Prado we look towards nature and the planet as material for artistic creation. For this AVLab meeting it will be presented the work of Gabi Schaffner and its project Datscha Radio as part of a residency for the IN-SONORA festival. We would

This AVLab meeting will begin with the presentation of the work of the resident Gabi Schaffner, whose residence within IN-SONORA 10 seeks to put a different perspective on the role that nature and a lifestyle closer to nature play in the cities through gardens and urban gardens. Her work as a sound artist uses the radio as a creative vehicle to communicate this look to nature.

Her work will be developed in collaboration with local artists and those people interested in the subject who have shown interest to work with through an open call to participate in her work during her residency.

Carlos Garate is a sound artist who lives and works in Madrid. He completed his sound art studies at the London College of Communication. Carlos investigates, both theoretically and practically, the agency of the materiality of the earth and its energies in social systems. He works mainly with electromagnetic waves and underground vibrations to build his performances and his installations. His work has been shown in Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom. He has also been invited by the University of Basel in Switzerland and the University of Knoxville in the United States to talk about his research around the Anthropocene. About this research has a long article published by Phas.e Platform.

  • SUB explores the acoustic activity of the subsoil.
  • SUB contains sound information that the human ear does not perceive.
  • SUB proposes Earth as sound producer.
  • SUB sonify the anthropocene.

This work explores the dynamics of acoustic nature that occur in the subsoil produced both by the planet itself and by the vibration that the infrastructure of the surface (and underground) projects towards the interior of the planet and that are an unmistakable sign of the anthropocene. I consider the subsoil a sound space where sounds of natural origin and inconceivable scales such as seismic movements or the rotation of the earth merge with the sounds produced by human activity. All those frequencies (infrasound edited to be audible in their majority) that collide in the subsoil are the ones that this work confronts on the surface.

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