LAB#01 Medios Sintientes

Imagen de recurso Medios Sintientes

LAB#01 Medios Sintientes is the first of a series of multidisciplinary research and collaborative production laboratories designed to materialize and activate collective intelligences that Medialab Matadero will deploy throughout 2022 and 2023.

With a quarterly program, which will run from January to March in different spaces of Matadero Madrid, it will offer a collaborative prototyping workshop, conferences, courses, seminars, artistic projects and a great OpenLAB event where the activities carried out during the three months of the program will be made visible.

The theme of the activities of this first LAB will revolve around the ability of sensory technologies to make the invisible visible, and how this visibility has substantial information to conceive the world differently on issues such as health, energy or our relationship with the environment. The lab reconceptualizes what we consider technology, to include a technodiversity that encompasses the set of media - human and non-human alike - with the capacity to contribute to appropriate collective agency.

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