Between the planet and the market: Mapping the climate financial complex

April 20th 2022
Resource image Gary Zhexi Zhang

Workshop given by visual artist Gary Zhexi Zhang
Date and time: April 20, from 5pm to 8pm, at Nave 16
Registrations available here

As part of the LAB#01 Medios Sintientes program, Medialab Matadero invites you to participate in the collective research workshop entitled Between the planet and the market: Mapping the climate financial complex, which will be given by artist and writer Gary Zhexi Zhang on April 20, from 5 to 8 pm, in Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid. 

Aimed at journalists, economists, artists, writers, and anyone interested in these issues with basic research skills, the objective of this workshop will be to develop scenarios and intervention strategies, where participants will explore the economics of the climate crisis, the historical relationship between finance and nature, and the role of contemporary finance as a temporary infrastructure that shapes the future of the planet. 

During the workshop, Gary Zhexi Zhang will begin by sharing recent research on the relationship between scientific knowledge, popular narratives, and market signals in the Anthropocene in order to take seriously the question of why climate change represents a market failure. Participants will then work in groups to investigate and map the climate finance complex at different systemic scales, from the role of central banks to agricultural risk and emerging crypto-financial interventions. To this end, existing projects and in science fiction scenarios, such as Kim Stanley Robinson's Ministry of the Future, will be analyzed. By examining both the contradictions and possibilities of financialization, participants will explore opportunities for design, intervention and sabotage within the climate finance complex. 

Registration available here.

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