Collective Inteligence for Democracy will be held from 5 th and 16 th of november

#ICDemocracia2018, collective intelligence for reinventing democracy

The international workshop Collective Intelligence for Democracy reaches its third edition. The workshop, coordinated by ParticipaLab, aims to develop new projects to innovate in democratic participation. Fifty collaborators from fifteen countries will work between November 5 and 16 in the ten selected projects for the call. Richard Bartlett and Claudina Sarahe are the mentors responsible for facilitating the workshop.

26 Punto de Encuentro Festival: “On Vocal Agency”

The “Punto de Encuentro” Festival has been organized by the AMEE since 1990. This edition presents a series of workshops, talks and performances, in continuity with the “En Red” 10th Symposium held in 2018 in Medialab-Prado, focused on the subject of voice in poetry, cinema and experimental music.

The development of voice as an artistic research field brings up questions regarding the notion of ‘vocal agency’: a certain politics of voice, vocality and intervocality. This includes discussing and reflecting upon ways of speaking and how different uses and conceptions of voice favor certain

Better news for a better democracy

Better news is a software platform for crowd-sourcing our news in a new and revolutionary way. The mission is to create a platform where we, the people, can document what is happening around us. And while doing it, have fun and do something to improve our world by improving the quality and...

Call for papers for CONSULCON2018

CONSULCON18 is a two days meeting of collaborative and technical conferences around CONSUL, the largest platform for participation in politics of the world. The open call will be open until May 25th.

Citizen participation planning hub

The project will create a hands on planning and tracking tool to facilitate citizen participation processes with emphasis on representations of the groups with least power. It will provide a skeleton of horizontal methodology by building on the methods and experience of Community Voices Heard and...

Citoyen 2.0

Citoyen 2.0 is a web platform for citizen participation. Citoyen2.0 is powered by CONSUL APP, the app behind DECIDE Madrid. The context of Burkina Faso in West Africa is unique. In fact, Burkina Faso as gone through an insurection in 2014, followed by a Coup in 2015 all these preceded by 27 years of...

Collaborative cooking workshop 'Cocina tu Deuda' (Cook your Debt)

In this workshop, directed by Cocinar Madrid, we will cook a delicious menu among all the participants, which we will then share and taste. While we peel potatoes and cut carrots we will be launching concepts: food sovereignty, ecological debt, kilometric food, gender debt... We will talk about how and under what conditions food is produced, where it comes from, what social and ecological costs it has. Together we will elaborate and cook, at the same time that we cook the food, the definitions of these concepts and knowledge to share them and to be able to debate while we enjoy the delicacies

Conversations among citizens: the Universal Basic Income

With the intention of reflecting on the Universal Basic Income, ATTAC and Medialab Prado invite us to participate in an open conversation among citizens on June 1st at the Medialab Auditorium. A conversation, where all people can propose, listen and learn from others, instead of convincing or imposing.
We will use a dynamic called Café del Mundo, designed to promote processes of participation and collective reflection in a creative way and at the same time focused on the theme that brings us together. The coffee of the world will allow us to exchange perspectives, opinions, ideas and

Democratic Cities: rethinking the future of cities and social transformation

The Democratic Cities international meeting reaches its third edition. On this occasion, Ciudades Democráticas is a joint effort of the cities of Madrid and Barcelona to rethink the future of the city from the prism of citizen participation.

Madrid kicks off with Democratic Cities programming on November 23 in Medialab Prado, with six panels that address the future of participation, random democracy, deliberation processes and the phenomenon of fake news, among other issues. For its part, Barcelona closed the Democratic Cities meeting on November 28, with four panels.

Between 23 and 28, both