Conversations among citizens: the Universal Basic Income

Desde las 11:00 hasta 16:30 el 01/06/2019
Conversations among citizens: the Universal Basic Income

In a debate where the only goal is to convince at any price, some win and others lose. In a frank and honest conversation between citizens, we all win.

With the intention of reflecting on the Universal Basic Income, ATTAC and Medialab Prado invite us to participate in an open conversation among citizens on June 1st at the Medialab Auditorium. A conversation, where all people can propose, listen and learn from others, instead of convincing or imposing.
We will use a dynamic called Café del Mundo, designed to promote processes of participation and collective reflection in a creative way and at the same time focused on the theme that brings us together. The coffee of the world will allow us to exchange perspectives, opinions, ideas and knowledge in different groups. The conversation invites us to analyze the successes and failures of the current welfare state, to dream together the society to which we aspire and to explore a path to achieve it.

The Universal Basic Income is a proposal of economic nature, but above all a proposal of great social impact that begins to be present, with many nuances, in the media, in the programs of some political formations and in the minds of some intellectual leaders, social and business In this open call for citizenship, we intend to contribute to its citizens' deliberation, reflecting on its advantages and disadvantages, the hopes and misgivings it generates and to imagine together how a society with Universal Basic Income could be.
The event takes place on the morning of June 1 (Saturday):

It would be done according to the following plan (subject to small changes)

11:00 - Reception of participants

11:10 - Introduction to the day, brief presentation on the concept of Universal Basic Income and explanation of the "Coffee of the World" dynamic

11:30 - World Café: 3 rounds of 20 minutes of world coffee

12:50 - Exhibition by the "table hosts" and debate and questions to panelists

14:00 - Farewell and closing.

Sessions of the activity

11:00 - 16:30
The activity is over
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