A Toolkit for Urban Pedagogy, Sustainability Education and (Young) Citizen's Participation in light of the 2030 Agenda.

A Toolkit for Urban Pedagogy, Sustainability Education and (Young) Citizen's Participation in light of the 2030 Agenda

This toolkit will offer a range of ways to work with (young) people on sustainability education, urban pedagogy and citizen's participation. These different activities will always try to have a low-threshold, be engaging but most of all spark fun and civic engagement. It's an attempt to rethink the current traditional workmethod of schools and our formal education system. Creating innovation and engagement in our education. The toolkit will offer different concrete activities and workshops, here's an overview of work in progress:


1) A Pedagogical Guide on Air Pollution: This guide will feature a learining cycle for young people (age 12-18) to work on the matters of air quality/pollution. The whole concept will be deconstructed in order for the young people to completely grasp the concept, understand the science behind it and to engage them to take charge and have an impact by co-creating output that informs and sesitizes other people on the matters. The methods used will be experience pedagogy, project based activities and non-formal learning. 

2) The Urban Role-Playing Game: Urban Foxes has created an urban role-playing game where existing cases, topics and conflicts are translated into a game. In Brussels we have already developed 15 different cases. During the game the players will need to take on another persona, in other words crawl into the skin of another person and defend his/her rights. The aim of the game is to discuss, listen and come to a compromise related to the topic or space. The different players will have propose a solution and even design a compromise for the existing space. 

3) Perspectives on a City: A podcast walk where you can see the city through the eyes of different stakeholders. Through digital auditive storytelling and walking you will discover new perspectives of your city. 



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