Collaborative cooking workshop 'Cocina tu Deuda' (Cook your Debt)

In this workshop, directed by Cocinar Madrid, we will cook a delicious menu among all the participants, which we will then share and taste. While we peel potatoes and cut carrots we will be launching concepts: food sovereignty, ecological debt, kilometric food, gender debt... We will talk about how and under what conditions food is produced, where it comes from, what social and ecological costs it has. Together we will elaborate and cook, at the same time that we cook the food, the definitions of these concepts and knowledge to share them and to be able to debate while we enjoy the delicacies

Cooking Earth workshop

The food research platform Black Almanac operates on the assumption that humans have barely begun to exploit the full spectrum of possibilities for energy and matter that might be understood as “food.” Far from it. In fact, we argue that it is the repetition of a limited repertoire of cultural, culinary, technological and agricultural techniques that is the primary cause of widespread ecological damage suffered in the name of feeding. 

In 12,000 years of agricultural time, human beings have cooked both dishes and the landscapes that produce them. We cook the Earth in order to feed ourselves

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Inspirating projects for Interactivos?'19

Any project that is considered appropriate can be presented given the subject of the call. The selection criteria will be:

1. Degree of adjustment of the project to the call.
2. Innovation and relevance.
3. Quality of the project.

The Futures of food

The Futures of food. Open call to collaborators

In 2019, the workshops "Interactivos?" and "Data Journalism" address the complex world with reference to the SDGs, i.e. the Sustainable Development Goals. We therefore invite you to take part in any of the projects that have been selected, to analyse, narrate or redesign, in a creative and radical way, changes in food models that can serve to reduce the likelihood of environmental collapse.