The Futures of food. Open call to collaborators

The Futures of food
The Futures of food

In 2019, the workshops "Interactivos?" and "Data Journalism" address the complex world with reference to the SDGs, i.e. the Sustainable Development Goals. We therefore invite you to take part in any of the projects that have been selected, to analyse, narrate or redesign, in a creative and radical way, changes in food models that can serve to reduce the likelihood of environmental collapse.

"Interactivos?'19" will take place from 14 February to 2 March, while the "Data Journalism" workshop will run from 25 to 29 March.  Both workshops will have a team of specialised mentors to support the development of the projects.


If you would like to register to collaborate in any of these calls, click here for Interactivos and here for Data Journalism 





Workshop Team 

  • Luis González Reyes, founding partner of Garúa S. Coop. Mad

  • Cathrine Kramer, founder of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy art collective

    OJuan Sánchez García member of the Association for the Development of Permaculture (ADP).


Opening Seminar 

The inaugural seminar that will take place on 14 and 15 February will include presentations by the three speakers mentioned above, and talks by Richard Heinberg (Post Carbon Institute), Malik Yakini (Detroit Black Community Food Security Network), Margarita Mediavilla (Energy, Economics and Systems Dynamics Group of the University of Valladolid), Janaina Strozake (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra), Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology) and Yayo Herrero (Ecologists in Action).


The selected projects are: 

  • Con-suma conciencia CONCIENCIA: EduComunicAcción de Transición hacia un modelo Alimentario Sostenible (Consume with the utmost consciousness CONSCIOUSNESS: EduCommunicAction for the Transition towards a Sustainable) Food model - Pilar San Pablo and Ana Teresa López Pastor

  • Orgullo de huerta (Pride in the vegetable garden) - Isabel Fernández and Anna Carreras

  • The Kitchenette of Future Dust - Shandi YC Hsin

  • Biomateriales alimentarios (Food biomaterials)- Laura Mir

  • Bioleft - Almendra Cremaschi

  • La cocina de los nietos (Our grandchildren’s kitchen) - Carlota López Fernández

  • Alimapping. Perspectiva alimentaria como herramienta de interpretación y acción en la ciudad (Foodmapping. Food perspective as a tool for interpretation and action in the city) - Ignacio Álvarez Osorio

  • Epicurean Endocrinology: Cooking Sex - Liz Flyntz y Byron Rich


Data Journalism Workshop  #followthefood


About this call

Medialab-Prado publishes a call for all those interested in participating in Follow the Food international Data Journalism workshop as a colaborator in one of the workgroups that will develop the selected projects.

The collaborator is basic in the planning and development of the workshops at Medialab-Prado, thus these are conceived as spaces for collaborative work, knowledge exchange and theoretical and practical training. It is an environment in which there is a horizontal relationship among mentors, developers and collaborators.

According to its field of interest, each collaborator can be part of the development team in more than one of the selected proposals bringing his/her knowledge and ideas to the workgroup and, at the same teme, learning from the groups and the mentors. However, we suggest that employees focus on a proposal to ensure greater commitment with it during all phases of the workshop.

As it is specified in the rules, the names of the collaborators will appear in the project's credits. Also, Medialab-Prado will give a document certifying the participation in the workshop to all the participants that request it.

The workshop runs from March 25th to 29th. Timetable will be from 10am to 8:30pm with a break for lunch and snacks.

Workshop Team

  • Adolfo Antón Bravo (tw:adolflow), Datalab responsable.
  • Hassel Fallas, former editor-in-chief of the data unit of Costa Rica's La Nación newspaper.

  • Lázaro Gamio, graphic editor at Axios and former graphic editor at The Washington Post.

  • Xaquín González Veira, former graphic editor at The Guardian, New York Times and National Geographic.

  • Covadonga Fernández, infographics for Público and LaMarea.

  • Jorge Molero, Entretantos Foundation.

  • Mario Pérez-Montoro, professor of information science at the University of Barcelona.

  • Alba Martín, former graphic editor at El Español.

  • Mertxe Bilbao, tourism technician.


The workshop will take place from Monday 25 to Friday 29 March when the six selected projects of the call for projects are developed. You can sign up for the call for collaborations until March 16, 2019.

In addition, during all three intermediate days all or some of these training workshops can be carried out. Only those where the number of proposed places are occupied are carried out.

This is a preview of the proposals received so far. If you have any other, please let us know.


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