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Any project that is considered appropriate can be presented given the subject of the call. The selection criteria will be:

1. Degree of adjustment of the project to the call.
2. Innovation and relevance.
3. Quality of the project.

In this article we propose some lines of work and examples of projects or initiatives that can be inspiring. It is not necessary to follow one of these lines or examples, they are only by way of illustration. We also advise (it is not mandatory) when you have an idea, see what other projects look for other projects that have been made on that topic, and if possible reference them in the proposal and emphasize similarities and differences of approach, given that this brief analysis will improve the quality of it.

Lines of work that may be interesting:

  • Ecological production.
  • Permaculture
  • Control of land, seeds, technology, agronomic knowledge.
  • Urban agriculture
  • Short circuits of commercialization.
  • Ways to cook without fossil fuels.
  • Recipes fair, healthy and sustainable.
  • The food system as a system of care.
  • Reuse of waste.
  • Ecological impact reduction technologies.
  • Technologies of the post-oil era.
  • Decrease.

Projects and inspiring alternatives:

Projects with innovative ideas (and some controversial ones):

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