Do we build a green future? Interactive? '18 and more!

 Margarita sprouting from organic compost.

Medialab-Prado, with the support of the H2020 DITOs project, organizes the international workshop Interactivos? '18: Inhabiting RRRRubbish. This workshop will be completed with the public presentation of the projects, an international seminar and a social forum about the environment on May 24th and the official ceremony of the closing of the European Green Week (#EuGreenWeek) on May 25th.


May 10th - 23th

Waste is a huge challenge for the 21st century as it is a necessary resource. However, in the oceans we have created useless floating islands of plastics and mammals and marine reptiles die when their digestive system is clogged. Likewise, millions of people all over the world live searching the garbage dumps of large metropolises, more or less controlled spaces that bury valuable materials...

We look around the world for people and communities that are rehearsing or want to try new ways of seeing and approaching, in a creative and radical way, the exuberant mass of filth that envelops and intoxicates the planet and all its inhabitants.

Interactivos? is a prototyping workshop during which 8 prototypes/projects will be developed collaboratively between the 10th and 23th May, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Monday to Sunday). After these events, the prototypes developed during the workshop will be exhibited for a few months at Medialab Prado. All participation is open and free. Travel and accommodation will be financed for the selected projects and accommodation for a limited number of collaborators.

We will have the following mentors:

Franco Llobera. You can read his text "Approach to Interactives? '18" here.
Cinthia Mendonça.  You can read her text "Residues and Humusities" here.
Elizabeth Tyson


May 24th

This will be an intense day where we will have presentations of the prototypes developed during the workshop, some expert talks and besides, we will be able to learn and reflect through the social forum on the environmental policies of the European Commission.

More information in this link.


#EuGreenWeek, May 25th

On May 25th, Medialab Prado, together with the European Commission, organizes the closing ceremony of the European Green Week (#EuGreenWeeK), which will be attended by the European Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella.

More information in this link.

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