AVLAB Meetings

Foto programa AVLab

The AVLAB meetings are monthly gatherings of people with common interests in the fields of experimental, electronic and electro-acoustical music, sound art, interactive devices and live audio and video processing in general. The meetings arose out of an idea to offer a physical location for the sharing of knowledge, criticism and opinions about the creation process in these fields.

At each session, three or four musicians, DJs, VJs or others are invited to offer a brief conceptual and technical presentation of their work, followed by a practical demonstration. The attendees have the opportunity to see the instruments and tools used by each artist, how they produce their work and under what type of licence they are registered. The object is to offer a complement to the dynamic of live concerts and performances, which usually take place at night and in contexts where the stage-public structure creates a separation that makes dialogue difficult.

What the projects presented in AVLAB have in common is their eagerness to experiment, even though they have very diverse orientations and do not always use “new technologies”.