8th AVLAB Meeting

Desde 13/10/2007 07:10 hasta 13/10/2007 12:10

Coordinated by Daniel González.

This session inaugurates a new season of Encuentros AVLAB at the new Medialab headquarters. This year, the event is taking place in collaboration with the In-Sonora festival organised by Espacio Menosuno with the participation of the researchers and artists Chiu Longina, Isaac Cordal, Concha Jérez and José Iges.

Chiu Longina is an anthropologist, sound artist and creator of acoustical spaces. On this, his first time participating in the Encuentros AVLAB, he will be presenting the network project of cluster artesonoro.org which, along with mediateletipos.net aspires to create tools to open a new line of knowledge of societies through sound imagery. He will also discuss the activities of Audio HackLAB which has been open in Vigo for three months and the publication resulting from that experience (DVD-Libro).

Isaac Cordal is a sound researcher and member of the alg-a.org community. This online platform has published 34 audio references whose common nexus is their experimental nature. At Encuentros AVLAB, Isaac will present projects such as netlabel alg-a, a virtual publication space linked to a free digital art community.

Isaac will also present the Is&Berio project which he will publish in December along with the artist and researcher Berio Molina. IS&Berio consists of experimentations in which the sound of some selected net labels is destroyed by reproducing all of the pieces on a single track.


Jose Iges (Madrid, 1951) is an industrial engineer with a Ph.D. in Information Science, composer and intermedia artist. His first creations with electroacoustical media began at the ALEA Laboratory in Madrid and subsequently at the University of Pau (France) between 1977 and 1978. The central themes of his creative work revolve around the interaction of conventional instruments and recorded sounds and/or live electronics and his particular use of dramatisation and radio language. Since 1985 he has directed the programme “Ars Sonora" on Classical Radio (RNE) which focuses on sound art, particularly from a radiophonic perspective.

Concha Jerez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1941) studied piano at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid and earned a degree in political science, also in Madrid. Since 1991, she has been a professor at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. From 1973 to the present, she has performed continuously in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, England, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
Since 1989, José Iges and Conche Jerez have worked together on the conception and creation of sound and visual concepts and spaces and sculpture, visual performances, radio works and intermedia concerts.
On this occasion, Jose Iges and Concha Jerez will present at AVLAB their recent project entitled Radio Ramificaciones, an online compilation of sound pieces made with installations and works.


Concha Jerez

Medialab Prado- Plaza de las Letras

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