Sun as a new currency

A person is running away with solar pannels

Although solar energy is frequently promoted as a sustainable solution to social problems, the team behind this project recognizes that it is a somewhat idealised and commoditized aspect of this energy and may have unintended consequences. As a team, our goal is to shed light on underrepresented perspectives and encourage participation from those whose voices have been unheard.


To achieve this, we propose creating a space to discuss the topic of solar energy and the geopolitical issues surrounding it. We question who is benefiting from it, and who is being exploited by this "sustainable energy?" What does even sustainable energy mean when there is an unsolved waste issue? How can we bridge the gap between knowledge and the general public?

To address these questions, this project envisions a dystopian future where political power is gained through the collection of solar energy. Using critical making and collective reflection as our method, the team aims to construct this dystopian world, incorporating diverse perspectives and ideas. By imagining this future, we hope to revisit the current state of solar energy technology and avoid repeating the mistakes made with fossil fuels and plastics. We invite the audience to contribute their own vision to this collective world-building project, which could take the form of a short story, audio, image, or film. These visions will be added to a platform for open discussion. By creating critical fiction as research, we build layers to communicate its complexity and share insight with each other.

Details on methodology and participation…


Promoter: Yujin Joung
Sandu Cojocari
Howard Melncyczuk
Rawan Khater
Nawon Koo

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