Sharing processes: exhibition about collaborative projects

Sharing processes avoids aestheticizing collaborative practice. It consists of ten documentation spaces in which visitors can immerse themselves in 15 projects: through videos and through texts that reflect on the residencies, but as well as other materials such as objects and photographs that have been generated through the course of the projects.

Sharing processes is composed of:

  • Afluents, with Seila Fernández Arconada, collectiu A + and residents of the neighborhoods adjoining the Meder river in Vic.
  • Affect 2015, with Agora Collective Berlin and several artists.
  • After the future


This session with the Institute for Postnatural Studies invites reclaiming and engaging the body as a medium for creating and understanding our surroundings. Together we explore the digital infrastructures that surround the city of Madrid through the body. To do so, we will travel to Robledo de Chavela, home to NASA’s Deep Space Communications Complex, a facility used for tracking and communicating with NASA spacecraft, especially interplanetary missions.

We welcome participants with various physical abilities.



TERRITORIO ECTOPLASMA: SESSION #6 Green colonialims and energy dreams

Energy dreams, constructed on compulsive desires for productivity and profit, connect the landscapes of resource extraction with the technologies and spaces of everyday digital life. This session will address how destructive habits of extracting and consuming energy follow predictions that assume the inevitability of digital growth. In the face of climate catastrophe, we should question these predictions and embrace other forms of living rather than instigating society to find new technological or material fixes.

RAFICO RUIZ (online)
4.45 - 5.30 PM

Rafico Ruiz discusses how settler

A room of one’s own - reflecting and speculating on our working practice

This taller is proposed as a space to honour the work of MediaLab Prado’s community of women and QTI/GNC people. Much like a map is an excuse for us to get lost, this taller is an excuse for us to come together to reflect on our own individual practices and in the exchange of our stories, find ways of being together and supporting each other.

‘Perhaps it is the struggle that gives us the resources we need to build more just worlds. These resources might include a certain willingness to cause trouble, but they also involve humour, laughter, dance, loving and eating: all the ways we have to

An Algoliterary Publishing House

From 24 May till 12 June Anaïs Berck will be in residency in Medialab Prado. The residency consists of three parts, with different possible modalities of sharing, participation and collaboration. During this residency Anaïs Berck proposes to explore the idea of a decolonial publishing house in which...
Anaïs Berck, Una editorial algoliteraria

Anaïs Berck, An algoliterary publishing house

From 24 May till 12 June Anaïs Berck will be in residency in Medialab Prado. The residency consists of three parts, with different possible modalities of sharing, participation and collaboration.

ART MADRID-PROJECTOR'20: video art and action art in February 2020

On its 15th anniversary, Art Madrid has wanted to organize an intense program of activities that begins before the fair and that extends during the five days of the event to turn the month of February into a real celebration of the most current and dynamic contemporary art.

Automáticas'18: Recycling ideas, traditions and tools for a sandbox on experimental music.

It has been 10 years since the first AVLab 1.0 prototyping workshop at Medialab Prado and many things have happened in the field of audiovisual creation with technology. There are new tools and new interests, as well as a variety of media from which sound and audiovisual artists can express themselves and develop their creative work. Some examples of this are net art, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, cryptocurrencies, social networks or streaming platforms that have modified not only the way we communicate, but also the way of perceiving our environment, having fun or to

Call for #tinycode sketches

in collaboration with Medialab Prado and as part of the Processing Community Day @ Madrid 2020 we are glad to announce a

Call for #tinycode sketches

tweet your creative code in less than 256 chars and we will display-it on the media façade at Medialab Prado on saturday, december the 12th.

To participate:

  1. write your code using p5js / processing * in less than 256 chars
  2. make sure that it could work on the 192 by 157 pixels of the media façade
  3. tweet it on your account tagged as #tinycode and don’t forget to mention @CCodeMadrid
  4. if you wish so, publish your code on your web site