A room of one’s own - reflecting and speculating on our working practice

14 de octubre a las 18:30
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Ada Lovelace day is a celebration of the achievement of women and Queer, Trans, Intersex, and Gender Non-Conforming (QTI/GNC) people in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It’s a celebration of all those who work towards equity.

This taller is proposed as a space to honour the work of MediaLab Prado’s community of women and QTI/GNC people. Much like a map is an excuse for us to get lost, this taller is an excuse for us to come together to reflect on our own individual practices and in the exchange of our stories, find ways of being together and supporting each other.

‘Perhaps it is the struggle that gives us the resources we need to build more just worlds. These resources might include a certain willingness to cause trouble, but they also involve humour, laughter, dance, loving and eating: all the ways we have to nourish ourselves and each other.’ Sara Ahmed *

This remote taller is for MediaLab Prado’s community of women and QTI/GNC people to reflect on their own practice in the context of Ada Lovelace day. Through a series of short and quick guided exercises you will be prompted to speculate upon your own work and explore potential, preferable, probable and possible rooms of your own, as a way to create alternative realities for your practice.

We invite all those who are interested in reflecting upon their work in an online space of support and kinship. This taller is an opportunity for us to nourish ourselves and each other, together at a distance.


14 October 2020, 18:30 to 20:00 pm (GMT+2 Madrid time)

What to expect?

A series of short, quick exercises that will get you thinking about your working practice. All you need is a working internet connection, ideally with a microphone and a camera, paper and pen/pencil. Willingness to engage and respect others, share and listen. Language: Spanish and English

Who is this for?

Women and Queer, Trans, Intersex, and Gender Non-Conforming (QTI/GNC) people interested in the socio-political dimensions of digital technologies. / reflexión crÍtica acerca de las tecnologías digitales y su incidencia en la sociedad

Who is facilitating?

Elvia Vasconcelos is a design researcher whose work is about creating spaces for people to organise, collaborate and create together.  

(Extended biography at the below).


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Élvia Vasconcelos is a design researcher, wannabe activist, compulsive drawer and dressmaker. Currently she is investigating the politics of participation and accessibility as a part of her PhD at the Technical University of Eindhoven. In this work, Élvia explores the notion of participation as ‘being together’ and is interested in what being together means in struggle and the multiple, complex, historical meanings that struggle contains. 


For the past 10 years Élvia’s design research work has dealt with the socio-political dimensions of digital technologies and has been particularly focused on bringing civil society into large scale decision making processes, more specifically with the UK's Government Digital Service. Working with policy making and technology demands collective tactics to organise against flattening dichotomies of true-false/yes-no/in-out/good-bad; the reduction of humans via classification, taxonomies and meaningless numbers; and the hegemonic drives for extractivism, automation, efficiency, productivity and profit making over living beings, including nature.


Outside the digital industry, Élvia’s practice has been articulated in a number of different contexts e.g. visiting practitioner London College of Communication UAL, Mozilla Festival London, Future Everything symposium Manchester, Female Voices in Technology publication. 


On the internet

Website: elviavasconcelos.com

Blog: Blog of everything

Instagram: @sketchnotes_are_awesome & @Counter.Voices0 

Twitter: @ElviaVasc
Work experience:  EV_CV


* Sara Ahmed, 2018. Notes On Feminist Survival. Available at https://feministkilljoys.com/2018/03/27/notes-on-feminist-survival/)


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