Sharing processes: exhibition about collaborative projects

Desde 01/02/2018 00:00 hasta 26/02/2018
 Sharing processes: exhibition about collaborative projects

Sharing processes showcases 15 projects linked to the international network CAPP and Medialab Prado. The exhibition has to main objectives in mind: first, to share the processes and results of these projects that were carried out in Spain and in Europe and, secondly, to generate a place for

Sharing processes avoids aestheticizing collaborative practice. It consists of ten documentation spaces in which visitors can immerse themselves in 15 projects: through videos and through texts that reflect on the residencies, but as well as other materials such as objects and photographs that have been generated through the course of the projects.

Sharing processes is composed of:

  • Afluents, with Seila Fernández Arconada, collectiu A + and residents of the neighborhoods adjoining the Meder river in Vic.
  • Affect 2015, with Agora Collective Berlin and several artists.
  • After the future ... of work, with Glenn Loughran produced by Create Ireland.
  • Baa Baa Baric with Mark Storor, produced by Heart of Glass.
  • Exando una Mano, with Autofabricantes, a resident collective of Medialab Prado.
  • Harrotu Ileak, with Felipe Polanía, Oihane Espuñez and the education department of Tabakalera, San Sebastian.
  • Kaputt - the academy of destruction, with Sibylle Peters produced by Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Tate Modern.
  • La Manta - The Arts, Struggle and Learning with the Syndicate of Manteros and Lateros in Madrid, Alexander Ríos and Byron Maher .
  • OK the Musical, with Christopher Kline produced by Tate Liverpool.
  • Rethinking the container, with the collectives Enter This and Orekari Estudio.
  • Textile in open code, with Elisabeth Lorenzi, a resident artist of Medialab Prado.
  • Floating home, with Bence Zsin produced by Ludwig Museum Budapest.
  • You Are Splendid, with María José Arjona, produced by Kunsthalle Osnabrück.
  • TxP Youth Urban Design, a workshop of Todo por la Praxis with Create Ireland.

Sharing processes also provides a reading room and a small library that invites visitors to delve into the themes of collaborative practices. It is equipped with books and relevant texts in the field of collaborative arts, among which is our recent publication Impossible Glossary.

The exhibition will have several instances of activation: a reading group will meet once a week and there will be two workshops that dvelve on the question to which extent it might. be possible to generate a working methodology related to collaborative projects.

Work In Process is a co-production of hablarenarte and Medialab Prado and is carried out within the framework of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP)

CAPP is an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts. The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by enhancing mobility and exchange whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices.

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