The C.O.S.O is a module that allows bicycle users to gather information on the status of the surface of the street as the go through it.

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The C.O.S.O is made of a controller (such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi), an accelerometer, a power source and some LED lights. This package is mounted on a case and then is fixated to the bike frame. As the user rides through different surfaces different measurements from the accelerometer will be gathered. Those readings will then be used to generate different light patterns using the LEDs. The movement and light variation will then be captured using long exposure photography.  

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Pablo Fernández Vallejo. Experience Designer with a background in Industrial Design (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Politecnico di Milano) and Open Design (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin & Universidad de Buenos Aires). With extensive experience as UX Consultant for clients on a variety of industries, he is currently doing his Master Thesis on themes related to mobility as part of the MA Open Design in Berlin. His main topics of interest and research are the city, mobility, design in the public sector, innovation and service design.

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