Ciclocostura 2.0

Ciclocostura 2.0


Ciclocostura 2.0 (cycling sewing) is a project based on collaborative practices and open access to develop the design of urban cycling clothes,

The CicloCostura aim is to encourage people to make their cycling activity more comfortable, nice and also affordable. The initiative is free and open to users and their contributions are registered and published in our website. The aim of this project is to observe their contributions as a conscious practice of the users about their mobility, their bodies and the city. Finally their contributions are incorporated on the designing of a fashion collection.
some workshop examples
  The background of this project is to integrate collaborative practices that occur in subcultures and counterculture of urban cycling and which are typical of cities in transition towards a more sustainable model of mobility, such as Madrid.

It is also a way to visualize the collaborative practices in the field of fashion design

Currently, the website is only in Spanish, but I hope that you can understand some of this work by taking a look of the material produced

Recently I published the first prototype produced with this methodology  
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