This is the space to share our decisions and daily plannings.

Day 1 - November

We spend almost all day in dinamics for know each other, and at the end of the working day, we finally meet the team and talked about MingaLab. Each one talked about your background, expectations and how could contribute to the project. We also planned Day 2:

1) in the morning, work together to construct an inventory of citizen participation tools (using of course others Inventories that already started this work);

2) after lunch, at 4pm (Madrid time), we plan to meet online with remote collaborators that can, to continue the presentations that we start the day before;

3) in the afternoon, we plan to make some dinamics to understand what do we want, how and for who, and from this, start to design what we will develop as MingaLab next days;

4) last but not least, we plan to meet with the "Citizen participation planning hub" team to figure out how we can collaborate, since we have very related projects.


Day 2

We started the day with an workshop about agile methodologies.

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