Interactivos?’16: Possible Worlds. Creative and Collaborative Uses of Digital Technologies Workshop- Interviews timetable

Hi, here is the timetable for the interviews of tomorrow. You should prepare a very short explanation of the project - 1 min - that will form part of the short video of the exhibition - 10 min aprox that will be shown in the main information station of the exhibition and a longer, (3 to 4min) explaining more in detail the project

1) 11:00h_ Balloonizer de Oscar Ardaiz (España)
2) 11:15h_ Open Source Estrogen - YES HER de Mary Byron y Tsang Rich (USA)
3) 11:30h_LiveLab de Olivia Jack (Colombia)
4) 11:45h_Evolución de una partida de Ana Laura Cantera (Argentina)
5) 12:00h_ Ephemeral angels de Mariana Carranza (Uruguay) y Florian Wolf (Alemania)
6) 12:15h_Conveniencely Yours de Andreas Siagian (Indonesia)
7) 12:30h_Digital Stretch Instruments de Rosi Grillmair (Austria) Or Wolff (Israel), Ina Kadenze (Georgia)
8) 12:45h_Freeing Images in Dust de Rafael Fernandes de Carvalho (Brasil)


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