"Fairphone" talk

FAIRPHONE is a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics. By making a phone, we’re opening up the supply chain and creating new relationships between people and their products. We are making a positive impact across the value chain of fair-trade materials, long-lasting design, good functioning and reuse and recycling, while expanding the market for products that put ethical values first. Together with our community, we are changing the way products are made.

Miquel Ballester is lead of circular innovation at Fairphone. After graduating in Industrial Design

IN-SONORA 10. Sonic and interactive art festival 2018

Since 2005 IN-SONORA has launched a festival in different spaces in Madrid, which combines sound and interactive installations and objects, experimental music events, listening pieces, net.art, video art, workshops, debates and presentations. All this through a public international call that mainly focuses on the work of  emerging artists.

IN-SONORA celebrates its 10th edition, and as they say:

"With this edition we want to celebrate our trajectory and establish a direction to follow in the next editions, we have prepared a program that, in addition to paying homage to everything we have

Residency IN-SONORA 10.

As Gabi Schaffner said: “Every gardener knows: Any garden belongs as much to the sphere of imagination as it belongs to reality. As a sound art–based field for ideas, mapping and communication the “radio garden” of Datscha Radio will sprout a new offshoot at the Medialab Prado and invites all interested parties to join for a series of radio shows about the garden and gardening in its widest sense.

Datscha Radio is a mobile, site-responsive transmission project in collaboration with local and digital networks of sound (and radio) artists, gardeners, scientists and DIY people. Datscha Radio


Cell phones are full of different metals. In particular copper, aluminum, iron and nickel, but also gold, silver, tantalum, mercury, lead and a few dozen other ones.

Miquel Ballester, Co-founder and resource efficiency manager at Fairphone will facilitate this workshop and explain how Fairphone is addressing, tackling and solving one step at a time the problems related to the responsible sourcing of this materials, as well as how to reuse and recycle them. Through this interactive workshops you will learn more about the topic in an interactive way and  get to know your phones from the

Workshop Rural Experimenta

Rural Experimenta is an initiative of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes and Medialab Prado that consists of a workshop for the collaborative development of experimentation and innovation projects in rural areas.