IN-SONORA 10. Sonic and interactive art festival 2018

Febrero y marzo 2018
in sonora 10

IN-SONORA is a cultural association created to support and give visibility to experimental artistic proposals related to interactivity and sound,

Since 2005 IN-SONORA has launched a festival in different spaces in Madrid, which combines sound and interactive installations and objects, experimental music events, listening pieces,, video art, workshops, debates and presentations. All this through a public international call that mainly focuses on the work of  emerging artists.

IN-SONORA celebrates its 10th edition, and as they say:

"With this edition we want to celebrate our trajectory and establish a direction to follow in the next editions, we have prepared a program that, in addition to paying homage to everything we have lived up to now, establishes new lines of experimentation in this edition of the festival through exhibitions, screenings, listening samples, concerts, performances, workshops and conferences.

We will experience the possibilities of listening to the future present, microphones located in gardens, musical instruments based on mundane objects or complex and avant-garde tools. Modified loops through live algorithmic programming, reactive installations, analog and digital sound, deconstructed and formatted, electromagnetic waves crossing our bodies, making us vibrate with sounds that will survive us from tomorrow, from the earth to the machine, from the past to the future of the Sound and Interactive Art Festival, IN-SONORA.

Medialab Prado collaborates with IN-SONORA, hosting the residency of Gabi Schaffner and her Datscha Radio project, which seeks to highlight the vicissitudes and problems of urban gardens within cities, using radio creatively as if it were a loudspeaker.

To encourage collaboration with the resident artist, Medialab Prado opens a call for participation, from which to register and participate. Finally, and about to close the festival, the results of the residency at the AVLab meeting will be presented together with other proposals the 24th of March.


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Acción en la calle Actuación en directo Festival Taller de producción
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