Residency IN-SONORA 10.

Febrero y marzo 2018
Foto colaboradores in-sonora

In the framework of the sonic and interactive art festival IN-SONORA 10 , the German artist Gabi Schaffner will have a residency at Medialab Prado to develop her project  ”Datscha-Radio: Radio Gardening in Madrid".

As Gabi Schaffner said: “Every gardener knows: Any garden belongs as much to the sphere of imagination as it belongs to reality. As a sound art–based field for ideas, mapping and communication the “radio garden” of Datscha Radio will sprout a new offshoot at the Medialab Prado and invites all interested parties to join for a series of radio shows about the garden and gardening in its widest sense.

Datscha Radio is a mobile, site-responsive transmission project in collaboration with local and digital networks of sound (and radio) artists, gardeners, scientists and DIY people. Datscha Radio uses “the garden” as both metaphor and method to organise knowledge and different (cultural) concepts of growth. Additionally to the envisaged broadcasts an “adopt a plant” office will open its haven for unwanted plants to find new parents for them. The stories of why the plant had to go (or vice versa) will also play a part in the shows… as well as in the upcoming blog.”

Thus, an open call for collaboration it is being opened for the residency of Gabi Schaffner. It is required to sing in. The final results of this residency will be shown at an AVLab meeting the 24th de March.

More info about Gabi Schaffner and Datscha Radio can be found here.

The activity is over.

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The activity is over
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