26 Punto de Encuentro Festival: “On Vocal Agency”

The “Punto de Encuentro” Festival has been organized by the AMEE since 1990. This edition presents a series of workshops, talks and performances, in continuity with the “En Red” 10th Symposium held in 2018 in Medialab-Prado, focused on the subject of voice in poetry, cinema and experimental music.

The development of voice as an artistic research field brings up questions regarding the notion of ‘vocal agency’: a certain politics of voice, vocality and intervocality. This includes discussing and reflecting upon ways of speaking and how different uses and conceptions of voice favor certain

Between the planet and the market: Mapping the climate financial complex

As part of the LAB#01 Medios Sintientes program, Medialab Matadero invites you to participate in the collective research workshop entitled Between the planet and the market: Mapping the climate financial complex, which will be given by artist and writer Gary Zhexi Zhang on April 20, from 5 to 8 pm, in Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid. 

Aimed at journalists, economists, artists, writers, and anyone interested in these issues with basic research skills, the objective of this workshop will be to develop scenarios and intervention strategies, where participants will explore the economics of the

Conversations among citizens: the Universal Basic Income

With the intention of reflecting on the Universal Basic Income, ATTAC and Medialab Prado invite us to participate in an open conversation among citizens on June 1st at the Medialab Auditorium. A conversation, where all people can propose, listen and learn from others, instead of convincing or imposing.
We will use a dynamic called Café del Mundo, designed to promote processes of participation and collective reflection in a creative way and at the same time focused on the theme that brings us together. The coffee of the world will allow us to exchange perspectives, opinions, ideas and

El Aire Tiene Peso: We talk about the air with Javier Cruz

Su investigación plantea un acercamiento a la idea del aire como sujeto político cuestionando el modo en el que su representación, estetizada y romantizada, ha contaminado el imaginario colectivo. Los atardeceres digitales que nos han acompañado cada ocaso desde el 23 de abril, culminan el 25 de mayo con esta mesa redonda para reflexionar en común y hablar del aire con una nueva perspectiva. Al mismo tiempo, este ocaso abre paso a una nueva etapa de encuentros con artistas, científicas/os y pensadores/as que de un modo u otro se han acercado a la idea del aire como un recurso común y un medio

On Sonic Agency: A Workshop with Brandon LaBelle

The 3-day workshop aims to reflect upon acoustics as a framework that, by lending to the shaping of social and spatial environments, greatly impacts onto experiences of belonging and unbelonging. Extending from Jacques Rancière’s notion of “the distribution of the sensible,” we’ll consider how communities rework “the distribution of the heard” by intervening onto a dominant acoustic. This includes reflecting upon different forms of acoustic practices, from self-organized dance clubs to silent protests conducted against economic injustices to fostering affective economies of domestic life.


The 2030 Agenda from Human Rights and Gender.

We would like to invite you to this activity that will take place next Thursday, June 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the MediaLab Prado space (Plaza de las Letras - Calle de la Alameda 15, Madrid), where we will present the material (box of tools) that we have recently developed called: "The 2030 Agenda from Human Rights and Gender: Tools for Action from Education for Global Citizenship".

This resource is part of a project that we have carried out with the support of AECID and we want to emphasize that the final result is the result of a collaborative process in which we have been

Workshop on the relationship of women and society with menstruation.

This workshop seeks to become a meeting place where people meet periodically and an open working group is formed to rethink, from the collective and the collective, the daily practice and the struggles against the heteropatriarchy. All those people willing to share their vulnerability, non-binary identities, women self-identified women and cis men with a desire to listen are invited and welcome.