Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green

Desde las 20:00 hasta 01:00 el 03/02/2015


Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green
explores urban gardening and practices of self-organization through the lens of specific historic constellations since the mid-19th century. Dyncamics of migration and forms of collective organization redefine the politics of space. The historiographic constellations put forward by the curatorial project Hands-On Urbanism.

The Right to Green critically unveil a multifaceted history of citizen-led acts leading to collective community ambition, counteracting urban crisis, austerity, and economic pressures. The lecture foregrounds critical alignments between urban dwellers and activists, architects, artists, or educators. Counteracting, counterplanning, and self-organization are therefore not urbanization's other, but rather co-implicated in urban transformation processes. Case studies include cities like Berlin, Vienna, Porto Alegre, or Hong Kong. An empty lot is opportunity. Often started informally and then managed collectively, urban gardening changes communitites and cities. What is the value of community? What are the contradictions within agency? At what price is opportunity?

Ponente: Elke Krasny
Debaten: Uriel Fogué y Red de Huertos Urbanos de Madrid.
Moderador: Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas

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La actividad está finalizada
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