Collage of Hybridities.  Po-Hao Chi's s proposal for his residency at Medialab Prado

Collage of Hybridities

Po-Hao Chi's proposal for his residency at Medialab Prado is to design a collaborative, DIY-style musical interface that transforms fragments of online/offline experiences from the artists' and collaborators' everyday lives into an assemblage of embodied sensory trajectories.

Souveniring Almost Anything

Photogrammetry, or Structure-from-Motion, is a method of reconstructing the 3D model of an arbitrary object from a series of photographs using a digital camera. This technique can trace, record and represent geometries, textures, and sites both efficiently and relatively inexpensively. In this workshop, participants will learn how to systematically photograph things and the steps of processing digital images into a 3D model with Agisoft's MetaShape and Meshlab.

The workshop is structured in one practical session at Medialab Prado. In the first part of the session, the artist will explain