CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN THE 2030 AGENDA AND THE SDGs: new narratives for local and global transformation.

The objective of the meeting is to promote a space for reflection, dialogue and collaboration in the context of citizen laboratories and thus be able to discover citizen participation strategies for the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda in Medialab. As part of the research "Citizen Narratives on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals" developed in Medialab, we invite all groups, entities, organizations and citizens interested in building new collective imaginaries about social transformation in favor of a good common.

What are we going to do?
* We will work on the concept of the

Collaboration tools and formats during confinement.

Discussion session within the course How to set up a citizen laboratory and build collaboration networks in which Victoria Palacín and Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz will talk about collaboration tools and formats that have been used during the Pandemic.

Laboratories Librarians Workshop

Laboratories Librarians is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Medialab Prado that consists of a workshop for collaborative prototyping of projects that explore ways in which public libraries function as citizen laboratories.

Platforms for citizen collaboration and innovation during the pandemic

In the fourth public debate session of the course How to set up a citizen laboratory and build collaboration networks, we will see three initiatives organized during the months of confinement to encourage the creation of projects that dealt with the problems derived from the pandemic. These are three experiences from which many lessons can be learned since they have tried various collaboration formats: Frena la curva (Rosa Castizo), Hackathon vence al virus (Juan Jiménez Morillas) y Reactiva Madrid (Ángel Niño).

Recreation sessions: Sharing Learning

We have designed a series of video encounters that will help develop more relational aspects: sharing of learning, communication between participants, etc.

Reinvention of the everyday and institutional practices

Third open session of the course How to set up a citizen laboratory and build collaboration networks in which Ana Longoni and Amador Fernandez-Savater will talk about how social practices of invention in everyday life could lead to other forms of institution.


SDG LAB. Working Group and Research on 2030 Agenda and SDG.

We seek to create a space where, we can identify the needs of our city and promote dialogues through which initiatives can arise to meet those demands. At the same time, we will work on the dissemination of this type of international frameworks that promote a series of principles on which the policies of cities can be based.The 2030 agenda and SDG are our framework.

This working group will have participation as a basic principle, for this reason it will have an open and democratic character, we want to hear different voices, to start from a common framework and from there to deconstruct