SDG LAB. Working Group and Research on 2030 Agenda and SDG.

Desde las 18:00 hasta 20:30 el 08/02/2019
Thinking of a common future: Do you know the SDGs?

The objective of this working group is to rethink our cities from the needs of the citizens themselves, taking as a starting point the SDGs, a framework created by the United Nations that puts us as a challenge in 2030 to implement sustainable development policies.

We seek to create a space where, we can identify the needs of our city and promote dialogues through which initiatives can arise to meet those demands. At the same time, we will work on the dissemination of this type of international frameworks that promote a series of principles on which the policies of cities can be based.The 2030 agenda and SDG are our framework.

This working group will have participation as a basic principle, for this reason it will have an open and democratic character, we want to hear different voices, to start from a common framework and from there to deconstruct our notion of the city and the participation system in which we live to generate solutions that can be implemented from the different available areas, learn to use the resources at our reach and generate new ones in those empty spaces.

As the essence of the group is diversity, we want to have all kinds of profiles, young people, adults and seniors, professionals and non-professionals who are interested in building a city where no one is left behind by the policies implemented, with desire to rethink the government proposals and the work done in the legislative periods. For people who want to change and work for a city that is for everyone.

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