Legal advances in Spain to frame and improve participation

Queremos participar

The main aim of the project is to make an analysis of the present limits in the Spanish legal system looking for implementing new ways for citizen participation, framing the role of ITCs. This analysis will result in a propositive document to be a base for updating the legal frame of citizen participation.

The legal frame for citizen participation resides on articles 9.2 and 23.1 of the Spanish Constitution. The art 9.2. considers citizen participation as a basis of the legal system, but limits participation in a very low level. The article 23.1 is included in the fundamental rights section and refers to direct citizen participation or through representative ways.

A desirable outcome of this project would be the draft of an organic law for political participation that develops the article 23.1 helping to integrate existing tools (referendums, consultations or popular legislation initiatives -ILP-), updated and improved them as prepare it to add new participation mechanisms. At the same time, this draft could open the competent frame of different territorial administration levels (regional - CC.AA. - and municipalities) and to define the basic needs for pedagogy and methodologies in participation focused on removing the digital gaps that can appear in the implementation and exercise of this mechanisms.

Desirable collaborators profiles

  • Lawyer and jurists related to legal framework of citizen participation and competences of territorial administration levels in Spain (national, regional and municipal)
  • Activists, mediators and facilitators in political participation processes, participatory budgeting, methodologies for assemblies)
  • IT related with digital tools for participation (deliberation, votes, accountability)
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