Experimental wool material

different biomaterials with wool lanolin

Wool as an experimental material is an ongoing research project whose objective is to analyze wool fleece using new technologies and biology. Sheep raised primarily for food is a source of poor quality wool. Their wool is treated as an excess material that can be sold below price or can not be sold to any company at all. 

Turning natural fibers into powder and investigating how we can put them back into the production system using technologies such as 3D printing. Or making a special mould and combining them with living organisms - for example mycelium, to rethink the way we use materials in architecture and textile fields.   

Except for wool waste we are also dealing with huge amounts of cloth waste. I would like to also focus on upcycling of knitted sweaters or other types of clothes and turn them  the same way into new printable biomaterials, bioplastics or other forms.   

In any case, it is still a long way to go and I feel that there are still sectors which I have not examined yet. It would make me happy to be a part of Medialab Prado and have an opportunity to continue in experimenting under your supervision. It seems like a challenge to me but at the same time an incredible way to find new ways of sustainable design and thinking.

I appreciate your consideration of my application and looking forward hearing from you.



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hola me preguntaba como podria participar en este proyecto me parece interasante

Hello! How amazing project!