Jugando con Números

 jugando con números


27.11.2010 / 19:00h - 23:00h: Presentation at CSA Tabacalera de Lavapiés [+info]

02.12.2010 / 19:00h: Presentation at Medialab-Prado [+info]


Daniel Sánchez's approach:

"Last year I realized a project in the HelloWorld workshop of Medialab-Prado. The experience was tremendously positive for many reasons. On the one hand, I was able to realize a dream creating a sequencer that functions with juggling balls, and the investigation led subsequently to a show called "c010r35" that was performed in the Pradillo Theatre in March of 2010. On the other hand,  I came into contact with a community of persons with skills and backgrounds radically different form my own, but with whom I share the same interest and fascination in certain fields and phenomena. Patterns, sequences, algorithms, symmetry, geometry, fractals... People investigate these ideas through video-art, programming, modular origami, knitting, juggling, the machines of Rube Goldberg, or dance, but their underlying motivations are often similar.  And we take pleasure in the mere act of investigating and developing our ideas as well.

In "Jugando con números" I intend to help others have the same experience as myself, to learn and share with others and the amazing experts that we have selected for the conferences, to realize ideas that cannot materialize without help, and to work with a team of people that can make possible new and fascinating projects.

Chris Sugrue's approach:

"Since I began experimenting with programming from a creative and artistic perspective, I have been fascinated by the unpredictable patterns and behaviors that can be created through code. From emergent or generative graphics to flocking simulations and l-systems, the intricate systems in nature that can be described through mathematics, algorithms, and rule systems has been an ongoing inspiration in my work. At the same time, I have also developed a strong appreciation for collaboration with other fields. In the past, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with musicians, architects, dancers, and graffiti artists. Each experience has provided invaluable new knowledge and perspectives.

Before meeting Daniel and several of his colleagues, I admit that I knew little about the mathematics and complexities of juggling patterns or the notation systems used by jugglers. Upon discussing these topics I was pleasantly surprised to find the connections between our disciplines. Although many performing arts now integrate digital technology into their works, I find it interesting to consider possibilities in an art form with such a strong base in mathematics. More importantly, however, is that this workshop provides an opportunity for members of various fields and communities to share knowledge, experiences and potentially create new and unusual explorations." By Chris Sugrue.


This project is supported by the Grants for Contemporary Creation of Matadero Madrid 2010 and Medialab-Prado.

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