Workshop: Rampcode (bytebeat + PD)

Wednesday 16th from 10h to 11h
Rampcode (bytebeat + PD)
Rampcode (bytebeat + PD)

This is a workshop related to the International Conference on Live Coding 2019.

Rampcode it’s a livecoding system that combines the elegance of bytebeat and the Pure Data synthesis power. Bytebeat it’s a technique that uses bitwise operators to obtain variable music results from a very short code (sometimes less than 10 characters) which is a function of time. Rampcode extends the possibilities of this optimal technique with Pure Data. In this workshop you’ll get the bytebeat’s basics and learn how to apply the same logic in Rampcode for complex results.

  1. Downloading and setting up Rampcode.

    Where to find rampcode, how to integrate it with an editor (such as vim or gedit) using the pdsend program.

  2. Time concept: the “ramp” or counter ($v1).

    How all expressions can be a function of time. How it is measured and represented.

  3. Rampcode syntax: <synthesis> <subdiv> <envelope> [<pan> <delay> <feedback>] .

    Which are the possible arguments of “code” messages and what do they mean.

  4. Bytebeat functions

    How to write a bytebeat expression using bitwise operators: <<, >>, &, |, etc.

  5. PD expressions.

    The extended possibilities of working with PD expressions: sin(), %, *, /, +, <, >, ==, etc.

  6. Examples.

    Some examples of different synthesis and rythm techniques: wave shaping, modulation, granular synthesis, sequences, euclidean rythms, random values, possibility, etc.

  7. Troubleshooting and experimentation.

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ICLC Local Committee
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The activity is over
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