Workshop: Musical networks of live coders

Wednesday 16th from 10h to 12h
Musical networks of live coders
Musical networks of live coders

This is a workshop related to the International Conference on Live Coding 2019.

The workshop explores ways to collaborate musically exchanging synthesis and composition information over a network. We are going to explore how the SuperCollider programming environment enables building collaborative synthesisers and sequencers that can be shared and exchanged between participants. The main topics will include creating synthesisers to send, play and control on other remote laptops, learning basics of computer networking, working with collaborative sequencing over a network and how to start creating performances using these techniques. We also demonstrate how to harness online open sound libraries and how to incorporate freely distributed sounds from the internet into a live coding session. The workshop aims to stimulate sharing of ideas and musical practices between participants and conclude with a collaborative networked live coding performance. This hands-on workshop invites active participation and collaboration, so please bring your laptop with SuperCollider installed and an open mind to exchange and share your ideas with others. The workshop is intended for both beginners and more advanced users of SuperCollider.

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ICLC Local committee
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Patricia Domínguez Larrondo
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10:00 - 12:00
The activity is over
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