Workshop: Mosaic Object Developing Workshop

Wednesday 16th from 10h to 12h
Mosaic Object Developing Workshop
Mosaic Object Developing Workshop

This is a workshop related to the International Conference on Live Coding 2019.

Mosaic is an open source multiplatform (osx, linux, windows) live coding and visual programming application, based on openFrameworks. The data-flow environment builded with objects (blocks) add the possibility of programming in different languages (Lua, Python, BASH, GLSL) through specific objects for each of them, that can be activated simultaneously. Mixing visual diagram and scripting concepts, allows us to offer a visual interface based on real-time flow diagram for high-level creative programming. Each visual object generates/manages information flows in a dynamic process that provides plasticity to the programming development.

Mosaic source code is modularily structured, to achieve a high portability, both for future maintenance/upgrades, and to provide a stable common base for developers interested in participating in the project.
The purpose of this workshop is to explain in detail how to use the Mosaic object template (openFrameworks based C++ code) to develop new objects and contribute to the project.

We’ll take a look at Mosaic github page, compile Mosaic from source, have a short walk over general code structure and then a detailed overview of the object template, analyzing possibilities, checking existing objects code and how to add new features, and in the end, how to push your new object code and be added in the next release of Mosaic.

This workshop is best suited for programmers with at least some experience with openFrameworks/C++. Workshop Timeline (45 minutes blocks)

  • Github magics, a platform for collaborative development

  • Mosaic compile instruction, the terminal is your friend

  • Mosaic source code overview

  • Mosaic object template, a detailed analysis

The activity is over.

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ICLC Local Committee
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Patricia Domínguez Larrondo
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10:00 - 12:00
The activity is over
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