Workshop: Live coding with ChucK and hardware MIDI synthesizers

Wednesday 16th from 10h to 12h
Live coding with ChucK and hardware MIDI synthesizers
Live coding with ChucK and hardware MIDI synthesizers

This is a workshop related to the International Conference on Live Coding 2019.

This workshop is accesible to people with no previous knowledge of programming or MIDI or ChucK, while still being engaging for people that master any of these three skills. It will begin with a brief survey of electroacustic music and computer music. We will review some popular frameworks for live coding and their historical context and then will concentrate on ChucK, because of its strict timing capabilities. We will learn how programming works in ChucK, starting from simple examples with oscillators and sequencers. The next module of the workshop includes a brief historical review of MIDI and its origins and how this protocol works in a bit by bit level. We will learn how to program MIDI on ChucK and how to program routines for live manipulation of popular hardware MIDI synthesizers, such as the Moog Minitaur and the Roland TR-08, among others. We will learn how to automate parameters, create never-ending sequences, introduce randomness and incorporate hardware to our live coding practice.

The syllabus and the rest of the material is freely available here:…

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ICLC Local Committee
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Patricia Domínguez Larrondo
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10:00 - 12:00
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