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INTERACTIVOS? LIMA'09: Magic and Technology from April 13 through in Lima (Peru)

Organized in collaboration with Centro Cultural de España en Lima (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo) y Medialab-Prado .
Cellebrated at Escuelab, Jr. de la Unión 1044, Centro de Lima
Leading tutors: Julian Oliver, Kiko Mayorga, Clara Boj y Diego Díaz.
Assistants: Frank Cebreros y Edson Ticona
Cultural mediators: Paola Torres, Pedro Rolando Apolo, Mónica Mirós y Omar Cordova.

If you want to participate as a collaborator in any of the selected projects, the call for collaborators will be open from March 6 through April 7 in this website. 

> List of selected projects
> Call for collaborators
(open from March 6 through April 7)
> Go to the workshop FORUM

> See the call for projects
(closed on February 15)
> Register for the Human Computing Theater work and experimentation group, coordinated by Stuart Nolan

Organized by The Spanish Cultural Center in Lima / The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and Medialab-Prado (Department of Arts, Madrid City Council).


Parallel to the workshop, the following activities will also take place:

Monday, April 13

10:30 am to 1:30 pm: Presentation of selected projects

5 pm to 8 pm: 

· Lecture by Beno Juárez: LIMA-TRANS-SISTÉMICA [+info]

· Lecture by Jaime Oliver: Magic Elements in the interactive music with computers (Elementos mágicos en la música interactiva con computadoras) [+info]

· Lecture by Stuart Nolan: Technologies of Tension
After this lecture, the Human Computing Theater work and experimentation group will be presented.


General Introduction to the workshop

This new edition of Interactivos? is inspired by the strategies of magic and illusion, in order to harness some of the old and new technological resources to collectively build software pieces and interactive installations which can propose a rethinking of the usual scenario in magic tricks, marked by a very clear separation between the wizard and the spectators.

Magic and illusion have always gone hand in hand with technology; from mechanical illusions, optical and mirror tricks, through the incorporation of electricity and the filmed image, to digital technology: augmented reality, reactive objects, reality hacking and immersive spaces.

This workshops follows the one celebrated with the same title in Madrid in 2007 and suggests to broaden the topic Magic and Technology through the exploration of the meanings of the magic concept within the local context of Peru.

Through a programme of reflection, research and production, Interactivos?'09: Magic and Technology's goals are:

· To propose magic and illusion as an approach for experiments on perception and attention, behaviour and social relationships.

· To propose a critical viewpoint on the seduction of technology and its application on the spectacle as a tool of persuasion and control.

Teachers summoned for the management of the workshop are acknowledged experts in the fields of the developing, application and spreading of open software and open hardware in creative processes and have also a long experience in the educational field and in the management of workshops.


Teachers' approach to the workshop:

Kiko Mayorga:

I believe all creative actions involve magical moments. Magicians’ magic surprises the audience but there is another kind of uncontrolled magic that surprises the magician. In approaching electronic media, we share an interest in the unknown, a capacity for surprise. We create techniques that make possible what is usually thought to be impossible. We intuitively share an interest in experiments and the expansion of language. Electronic languages challenge our senses, our perception of the external and internal. Even if science could explain everything, there would still be a place for magic, because magic is linked to surprise and one's attention can never take in everything.

Based on my local experience with using electronic media for creating and producing, I intend to transmit concepts and contribute to the design, production and implementation of prototypes, proposing solutions ranging from logistics (Lima is unique in terms of DIY) to making and adapting circuits, as well as programming microcontrollers and interfacing with computers and peripherals, according to what is needed for the projects selected.

Clara Boj y Diego Díaz:

In his Dictionary of the Arts, Félix de Azua refers to representation as a fiction accepted by and agreed upon by all those who produce "reality". Magic is also representation: the "magic instant" lasts if the shared fiction between the illusionist and the viewer remains intact. As long as the illusionist's mechanisms, devices and tricks remain hidden, the reality of magic is unquestioned by the viewer.

In technology, fiction is combined with fascination and produces other forms of magic. Even when we know how the technological mechanisms work and accept that instead of tricks there are processes, we allow ourselves to be swept up in the magical atmosphere they generate.

In this workshop we will work with fiction, illusion, technology and processes of perception to explore what happens in the interval between what is hidden and what is known, using technology to generate experiences that call for the creation of "new realities" shared by the viewer and the works.

Julian Oliver:

Magic and Technology presents an exciting challenge for interaction design, one that demands both imagination and ingenuity. How do we use technology in our work while hiding it at the same time? What techniques and technologies can we bring from the arts of magical performance and illusion? How can we incorporate what we know about human psychology and cognition in our design? These questions frame the scope of this workshop. By addressing them in our work we can invoke things wondrous, impossible, mysterious and suprising.


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Escuelab (Jirón de la Unión 1044, 5ª planta), Lima (Perú)
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