Final presentation residency An Mertens / Anaïs Berck

Desde las 18:00 hasta 19:30 el 11/06/2021
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In collaboration with the Flemish Ministry of Culture, the Residency program of Medialab Prado is hosting Anaïs Berck.

Anaïs Berck is an alias that exists since September 2019. The name stands for a collaboration between humans, algorithms and trees. As a collective Anais Berck opens up a space in which human intelligence is explored in the company of plant intelligence and artificial intelligence. For this project, Anaïs Berck is represented by the human beings An Mertens, Gijs de Heij ( and Loren Britton ( The residency involves the trees of Madrid, processed birch trees, the Markov Chain and other algorithms.

During the final presentation, human being An Mertens will represent Anaïs Berck and present the three parts of the residency, that happened in collaboration with the Fablab and with about 10 collaborators of Medialab Prado: a creation of an Algoliterary Authors, the creation of a prototype for an Algoliterary Publishing Platform and the creation of an Orcale for Consentful Publishing Infrastructures. You can read more details on the three modalities here:

In these links you can see in better quality the projections of the presentation, which you can see in the video attached to this post: 

Screening presentation An Mertens / Anaïs Berck 2.1

Screening presentation An Mertens / Anaïs Berck 2.2


The activity is over.

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18:00 - 19:30
The activity is over
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