Edition marathon 'Edita Tu Deuda'

Desde las 16:00 hasta 21:00 el 21/11/2019
Edition marathon 'Edita Tu Deuda' (Edit your Debt)

Do you know what an edition marathon is? It is an event of collective and simultaneous edition in Wikipedia, free and open to the public, in which people with different levels of experience meet in person or virtually to improve or create articles. 

The Edita tu Deuda edition marathon aims to improve the focus, quality and number of articles on debt, debt types and related content, as well as economic concepts and jargon, which are normally described in a technical and incomprehensible way for citizens. The aim of the edition is to increase public knowledge about debt and the economy with a much closer language and from a social perspective, given the direct relationship between the economy and the well-being of the population. Another of the objectives of this edition is to raise public awareness of the need for greater transparency and accessible information in this area. Because only a conscious and educated population can make conscious decisions about its economy.

To this end, the editing marathon aims to bring together activists related to private and public debt, economics, citizen audits, economics experts, experienced Wikipedia volunteer volunteers and people interested in expanding their knowledge of debt and economics in a different way.

After an introduction, 4-5 hours of collaborative editing will follow, working side by side to edit entries, check sources and references, fill in missing information, translate content.

Important: bring your laptop. ;)

Participants will be provided:
- A list of articles in need of improvement
- A list of sources that can be used as a reference
- A list that includes a selection of quality articles proposed for translation into other languages.

This workshop is organised within the framework of the project Pincha Tu Deuda, co-financed by the European Union through the European project Citizens for Financial Justice. With the collaboration of Medialab Prado, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the collaborative network Museo Situado (Museo Reina Sofía). Coordinated by the Plataforma Auditoría Ciudadana de la Deuda, Grigri Projects and Massa Critica Napoli.

The activity is over.

Organizador Actividad:
Patricia Horrillo
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Sessions of the activity

16:00 - 21:00
The activity is over
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Debate/mesa redonda Encuentro comunidad Taller de producción
#aprendizaje #economía
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