Creating Free Knowledge within the Wikisphere [edit]

Work group on collective documentation through Semantic MediaWiki to make this powerful tool accessible to anyone interested in documenting events. One of the maing goals is to get used to the wiki environment and enhance individual participation in collective history, OUR history.  Coordinated by Patricia Horrillo, from project (as part of the Commons Lab) and  Este espacio de trabajo y aprendizaje está abierto a cualquier persona que quiera participar y se desarrollará todos los martes de 19:00h - 21:00h a partir del 3 de febrero de 2015. No es necesaria inscripción previa para asistir a estas sesiones Para resolver dudas podéis contactar en periodismociudadano[arroba] y ver más información en

Editing together to visibilize ourselves in Wikipedia #7M

An editathon or editing marathon is an activity in which several people get together with the objective of creating new content in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Our proposal for the eve of the International Womens' Day tries to make visible the abscence of content related to women and share the necessity of changing that reality. For that purpose, we think it might be a good idea developing new articles , although the central point of the meeting is the process of collaborative creation. Free workshop after signing up on this form. Number of vacancies: 50. For any additional information, please write to: periodismociudadano[arroba]