MULTIMODAL. Application for the management of urban trips through information available on tablet or smartphone with the aim of sharing daily or unusual trips in a multimodal way.

Brief synopsis

The multitude of trips that we make in the city require minimal planning. Daily journeys (routines), as well as less usual ones, can be reinterpreted a sort of urban voyage (discovery) in itself. The geo-location of the proposed route, time and discovery (personal, cultural, environmental, historical, etc.) of users favors ecological mobility and the combination of different modes of transport in the city. The objective of MULTIMODAL is to connect people who are interested in sharing conversations and / or citizen experiences from the collaborative culture and social software through an application (prototype).

Our Profile

Miguel Ángel Díaz Camacho: Director of the School of Architecture and Technology UCJC, Ph D in Architect, director of MADC Arquitectos and president of the Association of Sustainability and Architecture. Encouraging new relationships between City and Environment from professional practice, teaching, research, dissemination through publications and congresses or interaction through ICT.

Rafael Hernández López: Director of the master's degree in Urban Mobility, Technology and Eco-transport of the UCJC. Ph D in Architect, Professor of Projects and Facilities in ESAyT, Energies and Environment in MUTE and Auxiliary Systems in MEEYAB. Erasmus in City in Modern Art and Countryside Planning at Oxford Polytechnic, UK. Master in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture of ETSAM; Technician in Renewable Energies of the ETSIM. Study and collaborations with other architects and companies.

Collaborating profiles

Arquitect, experience in "mapping" processes, locations, representation media, graphical interfaces, visualization, illustrator for theme maps, "soft" aesthetic type schematic or comics.

Geography, reading, design and drawing of plans with current representation techniques, routes and visuals.

Degree in Logistics and Transportation, knowledge of the city operations, routes, mobility improvement indicators, operations management.

Expert  in Big Data, choice of Final format: APP or API. Developer and expert in usability. Correct operation of the application in a prototype of the tool.

Philosopher, Ph D, graduate and students of Philosophy with experience in research related to contemporary software, videos and communication, digitalization and multimedia cataloging.

Sociologist, Ph D,  graduate and students of Sociology with experience in applying contemporary social knowledge.

Antropolist, PhD, graduate and students of Antropology.

Users (the participants). Open sample profiles of users of the proposed application. Also representatives of the citizens. They will participate in the whole process of developing the workshop in different stages.


10 colaborators







Project status
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