KOOKMET - Mobile Community Kitchens

KOOKMET - Mobile Community Kitchens

KOOKMET is a mobile kitchen that pops up at marketplaces . Gather a colourfull bunch of people, give them grocery lists and send them out for shopping on the market. On the mobile kitchen the participants learn to prepare a healthy meal by using cheap, local and seasonal fresh food products in a simple and delicious way. They get to know a place by  discovering the market and meet new people while sharing a meal. The concept is simple and proven.

Now it’s time to take the next step and spread the love. We’re going to design and prototype a new version of the kitchens based on previous experiences and new ideas. Develop a modular system capable of adapting to different situations: number of people, place, age, weather,… A third generation kitchen will be a stand alone kitchen not only capable of preparing delicous food but the start of a new story in a new place. Manuals, storage, tools,…, a personality,… the possibilities are endless.

During Interactivos ‘15 we’ll kickstart this project and we would love to do it together with you. We’re looking for:


Phase 1 - everything on the table

  • anyone with ideas and a love for food, eating and/or people: we have our experience, you have your new look on things. Put those together and who knows what might happen.

Phase 2 - draw, scratch, redraw

  • designers: design makes objects talk, let’s create a language that everybody understands

  • technicians: design is useless without functionality. What about the weight, how to add brakes, which kind of gas cooker, gps-tracking, voice recognition technology,… add your 5 cents to the story

Phase 3 - prototype

  • builders: time to get our hands dirty and put ideas to the test. You’re a router hero, a weldmaster,… please join and build with us
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